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This legal notice applies also for our social media channels if they are linked to this website.

EOS Websites are for all our visitors. If occasionally an article mentions he or him instead of he/she and him/her this has been done merely for reasons of legibility and of course includes the female gender.

Notice referring to article 36 German ‘Consumer disputes settlement act’:

All EOS companies do not participate in alternative consumer disputes settlement procedures. There is no legal duty to do so.

Terms of use:

EOS Technology Solutions GmbH wishes to express its gratitude for your visit to this website, and your interest in the products and services offered by the EOS partners. On some of these pages, you will be requested to provide some information about yourself. These details are voluntary. All personal data collected are stored, processed and if necessary, passed on to a further EOS partner exclusively to facilitate your personal support and for the purpose of providing you with information about our products and services or submitting offers to you. The EOS Technology Solutions GmbH guarantees that it shall treat your details in the strictest confidence in accordance with the prevailing data protection regulations.

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that utilization of the free services offered by us shall not entitle the user to any legal claims. No liability shall be assumed for any possible malfunctions to the system. Furthermore, EOS Technology Solutions GmbH not be held liable should it prove impossible to access or adjust any of the services offered by us free of charge.

Disassociation from quoted links:

EOS Technology Solutions GmbH shall assume no responsibility for the Web content of third parties that can be accessed via hyperlinks in so far these are not members of the EOS group of companies.

Various links to other Sites have been set up on the website EOS Technology Solutions. To the exclusion of affiliates of the EOS group of companies, the following shall apply to all links: the EOS Technology Solutions GmbH hereby expressly declares that it has no influence on the design or content of the linked sites whatsoever. For this reason, EOS Technology Solutions hereby expressly disassociates itself from all content contained on the Websites linked to this Internet site and does not adopt their content as their own. Furthermore, we shall not assume any responsibility for any software or other materials made available on or linked via this website. Each respective website operator shall be responsible for his own content.


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On our Web pages, we do not as a rule specifically label protected brand names or trademarks as being protected. They should, nevertheless, count as and be treated as such! In so far as nothing has been specified to the contrary, all trademarks contained on EOS Technology Solutions GmbH websites are protected according to proprietary legislation. This shall apply to brands, labels, corporate logos and emblems. Should our Web pages contravene any prevailing copyrights or proprietary rights, we kindly request that we be informed of this by e-mail immediately (Re: Copyright), to enable us to revise our offer as quickly as possible should this be deemed necessary.

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