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We add unlimited value

With a presence in over 24 countries worldwide, EOS Technology Solutions offers advice and support for all operational and strategic IT-related matters.  

We consult our international colleagues on all operational and strategic IT issues and support them in the implementation of their IT projects. 

We are able to identify interdependencies, anticipate challenges and solve them with an independent and neutral approach. 

Our services include supporting operational projects, such as core system migrations, and strategic projects, as well as implementing solutions developed by EOS Technology Solutions.   

At the same time, we implement IT services, security and architctures to add value to our business. This enables us to analyze common needs and make the best possible synergies within the EOS Group together. 

Managing Directors

Proactive thinking and sustainable action ensure long-term success

Modern technologies, smart solutions and motivated teams are the foundation of every company. Without technology, neither business innovation nor operational success can be achieved. The best results can only be achieved together and if everyone is committed to these goals. On this base, EOS Technology Solutions shape the future and secure sustainable business success for EOS.

“We want to be the technological pioneers. In doing so, we only measure ourselves against the best and when it seems impossible, that is a real motivation for us, “ says Tim Weickert, Managing Director EOS Technology Solutions.

Proactively thinking and acting sustainably

We attach great importance to cooperative teamwork and respectful interaction. We offer our employees a high degree of personal responsibility and prefer flat hierachies. At EOS Technology Solutions we trust each other and stand by our word reliably. We look at things objectively and are interested in the perspective of the other. Because we are convinced that this will create even better solutions and forward-looking innovations for the Group.  

"As Managing Director, I want to set the right strategic course and create the organizational framework in which the company can develop in the best possible way," says Tim. "For me, this includes attractive visions as well as a motivating environment for our employees*. It's important to me that we understand our customers' business, think proactively and operate sustainably."

long-term success

With numerous technical platforms and IT services, we offer self-managed and managed services based on a secure IT infrastructure, with which our around 6,000 users in Europe work for the EOS Group.

These services include the Service Desk, End-User Computing, Application Support and Collaboration Service, which are tailored to our needs.In addition, we are driving digitalization at EOS and offering user-friendly, service- and customer-oriented products.

Currently, we use a combination of on-premises IT and public cloud components. However, we plan to migrate our applications to the cloud in the near future to enhance flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

The EOS online portals are self-developed and allow debtors to update their address, track the progress of their outstanding debts, and make payments at any time and from anywhere.

To create customer-centric solutions that differentiate us from competitors, we rely on modern technologies and prioritize user needs.
Tim Weickert, Managing Director · EOS Technology Solutions GmbH

Flexible to country-specific requirements, we create a debt collection platform for the entire EOS Group

Collection systems are the cornerstone of debt collection companies. They provide operations staff with all the important data about outstanding receivables such as payment amounts, contact attempts or calculations for installment plans. Originally, each EOS company had its own system, until EOS Romania was entrusted with developing Kollecto+, a software program that standardizes processes.

The ten specialists initially involved has meanwhile become a 76-strong team. And the system they developed has produced a perfect example of cross-border collaboration, because they created Kollecto+ as a web-based platform to which all companies connected to the system can contribute their experience. “This allows us to standardize processes, leverage synergies and make the collection process more efficient,” says Cristian Musat, Managing Director EOS Technology Solutions, who has been the ‘brains’ of the project from the very beginning.

Debt collection platform for entire EOS Group

“This allows us to standardize processes, leverage synergies and make the collection process more efficient,” says Cristian Musat, Managing Director EOS Technology Solutions, who has been the ‘brains’ of the project from the very beginning.

Our K+ Experts are a team of specialists with sound knowledge of Kollecto+ as well as expertise in highly disparate areas of EOS such as business users, development, or data and analysis. These capabilities allow the team to support EOS colleagues worldwide with the use and further development of Kollecto+.

Flexible for country-specific requirements

Despite all the commonalities, a modular design allows the various individual differences between the companies to be accommodated. These consist of distinct needs in respect of 

markets and customers, different statutory provisions, and tailored, country-specific approaches to defaulting consumers.

The system also provides the basis for the digitization of processes, says Cristian: “In Kollecto+, many decisions are made automatically on the basis of markers in the system. The tools provided by the system allow consumers and customers to enjoy a fully digital experience that we strive to constantly improve.”

Coordinated by EOS IT Romania, the team of experts is improving the system on an ongoing basis. “Alongside all the measurable successes, I am especially pleased by the spirit that we have created in the entire EOS Group,” says Cristian. “We are no longer thinking in silos, but are working with one other internationally. Kollecto+ has therefore proven that technology is not only capable of driving processes but also of fostering a corporate culture.”
Ein Porträtfoto zeigt Cristi Musat, Managing Director EOS International BVG und „Kopf“ des Projekts Kollecto+