We combine the best of
corporations and start-ups

At EOS Technology Solutions we design IT products and systems with modern technologies. We work with Java Stack, React and Web components and rely on contemporary architecture principles such as micro services and event sourcing. We are part of the sustainable EOS success story by providing highly automated systems for scalable and flexible collection processes and organizations. With agile project management methods such as Scrum and Kanban, we develop software particularly quickly and efficiently. We also offer the highest level of IT self-services for our users and are constantly expanding the range of API-based web services in the infrastructure.

Perspectives for
IT specialists

We attach great importance to cooperative cooperation and offer our employees a high degree of personal responsibility. We give them design freedom and security at the same time. This is how we combine the best of the group and the start-up.

Common values form the basis of our corporate culture. It is our basic principle that all employees have the same rights and obligations. At EOS Technology Solutions we trust each other and stand by our word reliably. We look at things objectively and objectively. We are interested in the perspective of the other and maintain a respectful relationship with each other.

We are convinced that looking outside the box gives us important new impulses. With creativity and joy at work, we always come up with even better solutions and future-oriented innovations such as Best next inkasso for our group.

Whether software developers, usability engineers, product owners, quality amplifiers, DevOps, software architects, data scientists and Scrum Masters: With us, committed, motivated IT specialists will find numerous, exciting fields of activity and excellent prospects.

Tim Weickert Manager director

Our goal is to be technical pioneers. We measure ourselves only against the best and are motivated by what seems impossible.

Commitment to
convincing results

As a managing director, I want to set the right strategic accents and create the organizational framework in which the company can develop in the best possible way. For me, this includes attractive content visions and a motivating environment for our employees. It is important to me that we understand our customers' core business, think proactively and act sustainably.

Without technology, there is no business innovation or operational success today. We achieve the best results if everyone is committed to our common goals with a high degree of freedom of choice. On this basis, we would like to shape the future of EOS Technology Solutions.

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