Gabriele Arning und Sören F. Sörries

Quick, easy and secure online payment of debts – this service is one of the centrepieces of the EOS Service Portal for defaulters ( The focus here is on the user: debtors can obtain information on outstanding debt and use payment systems such as VISA, MasterCard, DIRECTeBanking, SEPA credit transfer and

as a service

The project in the context of which we are implementing the Service Portal is special in several respects:

  • The „Portale“ division is developing the software on the basis of current web technologies at our two locations in Hamburg and Heidelberg.
  • An agile Scrum team is working on the product and continuously improving it.
  • We use methods such as prototyping and A/B testing to keep optimising the user experience. 
  • With this project, we are testing an EOS-specific Java framework in order to get ideas for its further development.
  • We have designed the Service Portal in such a way that the EOS companies all over the world can use it. It can be adapted to the individual needs of each company.
  • We are rolling out the Service Portal for debtors internationally as a “software as a service” solution. EOS in Denmark was the first company outside of Germany that started to use the debtors’ portal, in September 2016.
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