The EOS Group has branches all over the world, with subsidiaries in more than 25 countries. Being part of a globally positioned group, EOS Technology Solutions has an international IT department. It provides the various EOS companies outside of Germany with advice on and support with all operational and strategic IT-related matters. This allows us to make optimum use of synergies within the EOS Group together.

We take a solution- and service-oriented approach to assist our customers with the implementation of their IT projects. As a strategic partner who is on an equal footing with its customers, we also offer advice to raise potential throughout the Group. At the same time, this enables us to implement added business value from IT services and architectures. We apply different methods for our varied topics and projects, such as design thinking and various agile methods.

In addition to EOS Technology Solutions there is also a company in Bucharest called EOS IT Services Romania. It is developing the core system Kollecto with a focus on the Eastern European market. Kollecto flanks the areas of B2C and B2B accounts receivable management as well as collateralised purchases of accounts receivable. Through the existing Kollecto community, Kollecto has become established as a modular system that supports the companies’ interests over the last few years. The International Consulting team has been working closely together with the colleagues in the corresponding countries for years in order to prepare this system for the future on a strategic and operational level. In addition to selecting the technology, this also involves providing support for the business analysis and roll-out.

Pia Fischbach Head of Strategy & Consulting

We are the international team player of the EOS group


We develop suitable solutions for our customers’ digitalisation strategies. As experts on technology scouting, we keep an eye on important developments and innovations. That is our contribution to ensuring that our IT services and architectures always offer our users the greatest possible benefit.  Our international EOS network also allows us to undertake interdisciplinary projects with success.

We are strangers
to monotony

We deal with a variety of different operational and strategic questions and topics. These range from the introduction of new core systems and group-wide roll-outs of EOS platforms and products all the way to IT due diligence checks. It never gets boring here. Intercultural communication and cooperation are just as much an inherent part of our everyday life as working in virtual teams.

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