Our new
FX software

Our collection software, which is used by roughly 2,400 collection experts every day, is at the centre of our work at EOS. Its task is to offer custom-fit solutions to consumers that allow them to clear their debts as easily as possible and to the satisfaction of all sides.

The advancing digitalisation opens up new opportunities for the collection software, too. In order to leverage these opportunities, we are currently developing a completely new core system, the FX project. Our aim is to develop a data-driven analytical procedure that derives the best possible next collection activity automatically. Thanks to contemporary technologies and software architecture concepts, FX will remain flexible in the medium to long term.



Trying out
new technologies

Since the start of 2016, we have been working on the FX project with three feature teams that are supported by three platform teams. We are always trying out new technologies and ways to achieve our goals. In this context, we address the following topics and technologies: DevOps, Data Science, Micro Services, Puppet, Ruby, Kafka, Gradle, Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, VMware, Python, Java, JavaScript, React, Swagger, Hadoop.

Sören Fandrich Division Manager FX

EOS shape the future of collection.

Coaching for
an agile way of working

FX is an extensive project and is best managed and implemented in an agile fashion. Roughly 60 internal and external colleagues from the specialist departments and IT are pulling together here. They are supported by DevOps experts, architecture experts and data scientists. Our agile coaches provide the optimum organisational framework to ensure quick, flexible and coordinated cooperation among all colleagues involved. The agile Scrum project management method serves as a basis 

on which the coaches have developed a process model that is perfectly tailored to meet the requirements at EOS Technology Solutions. For example, multiple development teams can now perform agile work in parallel. In addition, the coaches are establishing a culture of learning. Trying out new ideas, gaining insights and never ceasing to learn – these are the principles that not only characterise our day-to-day work, but are also decisive for the collection system of the future.

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