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We want to make our FX product leaner and more efficient by using digital technologies. In this way, we can link the changed possibilities of advancing digitization in the markets with its performance. We are looking for the best technological success of digital customer-company interaction.

Our vision: Data-driven analytical software automatically derives the best possible next measure for each requirement.

In this way, we want to increase our services and help every consumer to pay their debts easily with us. Everything, of course, complies with data protection regulations, is technically robust and future-proof.

Our project FX - best next action! help us in this.

You build it
You run it

Our agile development teams Astra, Fina, Kobra, Korny, Parties and Customer Core are responsible for deciding which technologies to use to implement the technical requirements. That is why all teams are responsible for both the quality of their products and the operation of the technologies used. Our credo: you build it - you run it!

Our work is therefore diverse and many components meet: DevOps, Data Science, Microservices, Puppet, Ruby, Kafka, Gradle, Kubernetes, Helm, Python, Java, JavaScript, React, Swagger, Grafana, Cucumber, React and Camunda.

Astra, Fina, Kobra, Korny, political parties and customer core?
Correctly! Get in touch with us and become a part of us. Apply here.

Sören Fandrich Division Manager FX

EOS shape the future of collection.


We decided early to go into productive with a minimum of functionalities (MVP). This means that our debt collection experts working with the FX system since the beginning of the ongoing development process, while we are improving the product every day.

Sometimes it feels uncomfortable. But we need the feedback to ensure that the new collection system is suitable for productive use and that it provides the necessary support in our work processes. This enables us to improve the system in real time and correctly prioritize the next requirements.

Developing a new debt collection core system is like a large construction site that consists of many sections and cross-functional processes: the printer line for the automated dispatch of letters, contact with the courts and more than 15 other peripheral systems that we have to master for our vision.

In the best case, the interfaces already exist. If not, we will adjust or re-implement them. Always in focus: The best result for business processes for our FX product.

We have already mastered many stages. Nevertheless, we still have a number of challenges to overcome to achieve our ambitious goals. Because in addition to the technology, we also have to provide numerous other services and deal with organizational and legal issues. We can only do this together as a cross-departmental team!

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