Web Services

Private Cloud

The reliable foundation
for a dynamic business

EOS is actively engaged in business change. New business models, new clients with innovative requirements, a debtor-specific approach and new technologies: IT-based solutions are required that are flexible and at the same time robust and reliable. Many product managers therefore rely on EOS Web Services (EWS). This cloud infrastructure is the reliable foundation for all IT-based business processes at EOS.

The platform that
grows with requirements

The requirements of EWS users are the measure of all things for us. Step by step, we continue to develop the capabilities of the EWS platform. The requirements and their technical benefit are the essential criteria for bringing the functions to be developed into a meaningful order. High performance, safety and reliability are the guidelines of our product development. With an agile process model and a cross-functional team, we succeed in doing the right thing.

EOS Web Services users appreciate the flexibility with which they use the various platform services and integrate them into their own development process. Virtual servers, containers and administrative components can be installed, operated and monitored by users independently and partially or fully automatically. Computing power and memory requirements can be dynamically adapted to the current usage intensity.

Alexandra KafkaTeamlead EWS

We give space to innovations and reach new levels with our automated systems.

Moderne and
sophisticated technologies

Modern and sophisticated: What sounds like a contradiction in the IT context has proven to be a strategy for us. Technologically, we play in the Champions League - with top players such as VMware, Docker, Kubernetes, CentOS, GitLab, Gradle, Go, Ansible, Nexus, Python, InfluxDB, Ceph, Graylog or Grafana. Our DevOps experts are constantly on the lookout for new talent so that we can continue to provide our users with a contemporary platform. Their trust in EOS Web Services is our incentive to always play at the top.

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