and incentive

We see ourselves as a link between business and IT technology areas. We support business stakeholders as well as product owners with the aim of ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

We are the reliable contact partner and achieve a trusting cooperation with and between the parties involved through binding, helpful and respectful dealings.

Our strengths lie in recognising overarching dependencies, anticipating challenges and solving them through our independence and neutral approach.

Gonne Brodersen Lead of Account Management Germany

We are committed to a high level of customer satisfaction with our business and IT solutions.

We support

  • in the coordination and mediation of customer enquiries on overarching topics or new solutions.
  • actively to define new solutions for our customers.
  • our product owners in jointly marketing new solutions.
  • to create the transparency of productive solutions and services.
  • in creating the escalation instance for our customers.
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