Fail fast!
Learn faster!

The IT Infrastructure division is responsible for numerous technical platforms and IT services that are used by EOS customers and around 2,400 users in Germany and Europe.

IT Infrastructure operates in a challenging environment of cultural and technological change. It pursues multiple objectives simultaneously:

IT infrastructure gets service-oriented: We form joint ventures with our customers, test cross functional or virtual teams and consistently transform into a flexible organization. We give our product teams autonomy when it comes to selecting technology with the aim of a stable and available manner infrastructure and providing our customers with continuous innovation.

IT Infrastructure goes cloud: We are building a hybrid cloud - combined from an in-house cloud with elements of a public cloud. Our customers' first products are already successfully running on a cloud basis. We are automating the delivery of standardised infrastructure and breaking away from the traditional mindset of stable IT operations: "Never touch a running system" is not an option for us. We try out numerous technologies, and it is accepted that technologies will compete with each other. We learn from experience, analyse the latest market trends and implement the insights gained as quickly as possible. We act where others bide their time. Our motto: Fail fast! Learn faster!

Bimodale IT

The demands of our customers are diverse, and we adapt to their needs to provide them with the best possible support for achieving their aims. In stable IT, we analyse specific requirements and provide the appropriate custom-fit technology, both as part of projects and in day-to-day business.

We offer joint ventures and cross functional or virtual teams for our agile customers. Our specialists collaborate on sprints and contribute their expertise to the teams directly and on an equal footing.

Andreas Thoms Division manager

We ensure high availability of the base IT. We achieve this through the most modern architecture and technology as well as the continuous development and expansion of our competencies.

IT Services

IT Infrastructure is organised into three IT Services and a team is responsible for the strategic development of the IT infrastructure as well as process and security management::

Platform service is responsible for the operation of the data centers (TIER IV) and the server infrastructure, on which more than 2,500 systems run largely virtualized. Storage including backup represent another technological area. Platform Services also provides the central and local network infrastructure including all WAN connections.

EOS Web Services (EWS) is responsible for the private cloud including all aspects relating to automation, continuous delivery, container virtualization and the server operating systems used at EOS. Goal: Build a hybrid IT infrastructure.

Managed Services provides the single point of contact through our own service desk for 2,400 users. The team also takes care of supplying all users with modern end devices (Windows, Linux, Mac), telephony, mobiles and printers. The operation of applications is also located here and includes professional operation of databases, standard and individual software as well as the further development of our collaboration suite.

Also we have a team of a process manager and two IT security experts who take care of IT processes and create and maintain the foundations for a high level of data protection and security.

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