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The Information Security division ensures that the solutions offered by EOS Technology Solutions are secure. As a financial service provider, the EOS Group makes a living by treating its clients’ highly sensitive data with the utmost care. We see ourselves as consultants and constructive trailblazers whose task is to ensure that the EOS Group’s IT is always up to date in terms of information security.

International standards
for IT security

We are expanding our security measures continuously. In doing so, we use standards such as the international information security standard ISO 27001 for orientation.  

For example, we use the PDCA cycle (plan – do – check – act) to systematically and continuously optimise the quality of information security.

Gunnar Woitack Division Manager

We make sure that the solutions provided by EOS Technology Solutions are both cool and secure.

Using monitoring
to protect data

We offer a large range of services and are continuously optimising the IT security within the EOS Group.

  • provide the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the EOS Group. 
  • take on the role of Information Security Officer (ISO) if requested by the EOS companies.
  • advise users and companies on all questions relating to information security.
  • perform regular security tests to identify weak points in the IT of the entire EOS Group.
  • use logging and monitoring to oversee access to relevant data.
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