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The Technical Customer Communications department ensures reliable and future-oriented communication with the debtors. We collect, analyze, classify and process all analog and digital input data by scanning. For the future, we aim to operate all input channels and to increase the degree of automation through the use of new technologies, e.g. for handwriting or emotion recognition.

We are also responsible for other components of debtor communication such as the archiving and long-term provision of the EOS Group's digital documents in accordance with legal requirements, and we are continuously developing the associated technical systems. We support debt collection processing by creating and sending digital and postal documents.

We also support telephone communication through the technical support of our dailer system, including the automatic dialing function in the call centers and for outbound campaigns.

Michaela Homann Head of Cust Communications

Communication is one of our central success factors. Our technical products are therefore consistently geared towards the current and future needs of debtors.

of the future

In addition to our current channels, in the future we want to focus on communicating with our debtors wherever we can quickly find good solutions together. To do this, we fundamentally question our technologies and

the way we work and align ourselves with modern forms of communication such as chat and messaging. Standardization, automation and agility are key keywords that will shape our future actions.

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