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for dept collection

Our idea to develop a new core system was born in 2016. In the meantime, more than 80 colleagues work together in six domain teams.

So that we can develop and operate our new debt collection core system FX, we rely on cross-functional teams with experts from the specialist departments and IT. Complemented by DevOps, architecture professionals, data scientists, project management, a team of UI experts and teams of debt collection experts – as representatives of the end users and target group of our product.


For our complex and extensive project, we knew immediately: Only an agile approach makes sense. We want to react quickly to the experiences that we have on the technical, technological and organizational level in the course of the project.

It is important to us that our agile setup supports us as best as possible in all project phases, instead of adhering to rigid guidelines or models. So we took the best ideas from LeSS and SAFe and tailored them to the FX project. We used the Spotify model for the cross-team organization. That is why chapters, workstreams and mobs are as much part of our everyday project work as our feature team – so that we get better every day.

Sören Fandrich Division manager FX

EOS shape the future of collection.

Good cooperation
across teams

An essential key success in this project is the interaction between the different teams. That is why we have developed common guidelines in which our teams can work in a self-organized manner.

They determine their rules of cooperation within the team independently: required meetings, times of the dailies, acceptance processes, estimates and the technical implementation.

The culture of learning is important to us and decisive for the success of our project. Therefore, we rely on joint planning of the technical topics for the next three months. This enables us to quickly see whether we are pursuing the right goals or need to adjust them.

With this dynamic of knowledge and technical requirements, we can build an excellent product that our stakeholders and users love equally.

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