Successful accounts receivable management requires forward-looking and sustainable technologies. The Collection Applications division helps customers and users by providing intelligent solutions. We ensure and measure the quality and maintainability of our products and processes throughout their entire life cycle. This allows us to deliver stable and available applications at all times. We see it as our task to optimise our customers’ business processes and increase their level of productivity. To us, this great responsibility is an exciting challenge that we accept with great motivation and enthusiasm. This is how we make sure the EOS Group is competitive, both today and in future.

Agile software

We act with speed and flexibility, and take a solution-oriented approach. Methods for agile organisational development, for example, help us in this endeavour. We use Kanban and SCRUM to increase the success rate of our output.

In line with the kaizen philosophy, we are convinced that there is always something to improve. We commit ourselves to this every day.

Markus Schramm Division manager

Our work is based on personal responsibility, competence and creative drive. Together with our customers, we develop solutions for the digital future of accounts receivable management.


  • C++ / Java / Spring Boot / Java Swing
  • Javascript / React
  • Python / Perl / Shell
  • Oracle / PostgreSQL
  • Apache Kafka / Web Methods
  • Kubernetes / Docker / Ansible
  • Confluence / JIRA / Enterprise Tester
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